Photo Gallery | A Wintry Day In Florida

Did you know that Florida has the sunniest winter climate in the eastern United States and the highest average January temperatures in the nation?  It's true, and today was an example of that January weather.  While it may have been tempting to put on some winter clothing, most folks were seen in sandals, shorts, and t-shirts.

It's actually one of those days where you want to pick up the phone and call a relative or friend living in New York City or Philadelphia where the temperatures rose to a mere 33 degrees with clouds.  But, yet who has time to brag when you are headed to the beach to play volleyball, the park to walk the dog, or around the neighborhood for a bike ride to wave to neighbors while they mow the yard that seems to continue to grow!

At Jacksonville Beach today, the temperature was approximately 72 degrees with a light cool breeze. If you are loving this weather, but don't want to brag, just share the link with your friends and family.

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