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Surfers cash in on post Arthur waves

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- While Arthur has moved past the First Coast, surfers are still seeing effects out at the beach. What that means for them is awesome waves. Hurley Surf and Enjoy tour made its last two stops in Florida during perfect surfing days. The tour was in Daytona Beach Wednesday and Jacksonville Beach Thursday.

"We had amazing weather, the best waves I've seen in Florida since I've been here. The rip currents weren't as bad as we expected which is always good, because it gets really dangerous to have kids out in rip currents," says surfer Blair Wheeler.

Close to 30 young surfers came to learn how to surf, or just show off their moves Thursday. There were people in all different age groups. Surfers say it's important to teach children how to swim at a young age.

"We have a bunch of little swimmers who come out here and think they can just get in the water, but we try to show them the ways," says surfer Eros Exarhou.

Even if you are an experienced swimmer, be very careful out at the beach. The red flags still are flying.


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