Photo Gallery | Haunted Jax: Copper Top Southern American Cuisine (Formerly The Homestead)

The stories vary but the address is the same: 1712 Beach Boulevard. Copper Top Southern American Cuisine, formerly known as The Homestead, is the latest business to set up shop in the historic and alleged haunted house.

The Copper Top website says, "The restaurant sits on property that was acquired in a Spanish land grant in the late 1700’s."  According to urban legend, four different ghosts haunt the restaurant. Two are a mother and daughter who hanged themselves back in the late 1800s. According to the "Tale of the Homestead Restaurant," the restaurant was originally an adoption home owned by a Miss Angle Rosenburg, who hanged herself in the back of the restaurant. Ten years later, Rosenburg's daughter did the same.

Another tale comes from the days when the property was a boarding house. A boy allegedly drown in a bath tub and now haunts the second floor of the restaurant, which is closed to guests.

The most popular story is known as the "Homestead Ghost," according to the Copper Top website. The story claims, "the ghost is said to be that of the late Alpha O. Paytner who operated the property as a boarding house before she had a vision of turning it into a restaurant. Previous owners and visitors share various stories of her roaming the old cabin area or standing at the top of the stairs. A very kind spirit, she is said to be simply still trying to look after the place and all its guests."

Location: 1712 Beach Blvd.

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