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Marine biologist, Andrea Margiotta, leads the Eco Tours for the public and educates guests about our local marine environment. Eco Tours has an otter trawl shrimp net that they deploy off the bow of the boat to collect organisms from the local tidal creeks. 

Under the regulation of a Special Activities License from the Fish and Wildlife Commission they have permission to use the trawl net and observe and learn about the catch. All of the guests on board can participate in deploying and retrieving the shrimp net. The catch will then be displayed in an aquarium on board and each of the creatures will be identified and then released back into the wild. Throughout the trip, dolphins, birds, and other wildlife are also observed and identified.

Every boat trip stresses the importance of the salt marsh. Salt marshes are so important and must be protected because they are home to an incredible diversity of creatures and act as a barrier for the mainland from any major storms.


For more information: contact Marine Biologist Andrea Margiotta or (973) 216-3403.

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