Tom Trout: The Man, The Sign

Tom Trout: The Man, The Sign

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- If Interstate 95 is the artery that feeds Jacksonville, then at the Bowden exit Tom Trout has added some heart.

"I kinda snoop around the office every now and then," the 84-year-old retired business owner said.

Once a week he makes a trip to the office his son now operates. "I'm just letting my presence be felt," he said.

He does still have a job though.

Once a week, it's his responsibility to come up with a new phrase for the sign that towers over the building and is seen by thousands each day from the interstate.

"I'm up to 1,615 sayings I think," Trout said.

He keeps a notebook of catchy phrases that have been collected since he put the sign up back in 1983. "My motivation each day is trying to change someone's life for the better."

Past sayings include:

New: Beach Residents Claim Freebird Live Cut Bike Locks, Took Bikes

New: Beach Residents Claim Freebird Live Cut Bike Locks, Took Bikes

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Several local bicyclists are furious about what happened when they locked their wheels outside a Jacksonville Beach hot spot.

They claim the music venue Freebird Live clipped their locks and took the bikes.

When Dawn Engle and her husband headed down to the Jacksonville Beach Blues Festival, like many others, they went by bike.

"We locked our bikes up at the first available post along with some other bikes that were locked up there," Engle said. "There wasn't any indication this would be a bad place to lock them."

Engle said the post was in front of Freebird Live, and when they came back, all the bikes, including theirs, were gone.

"The guy at the door basically said they had cut the locks off because we were all blocking the door," explained Bill Small, whose bike was one of those missing.

Small said he locked his bike in the same spot the day before, with no problem.

First Coast News Launches "Hot Man Madness"

First Coast News Launches "Hot Man Madness"

College basketball season has officially ended - ladies - it’s time to take back the remote! Why, you ask? Could it be a new Reality TV show? Priorities people! It’s “Hot Man Madness!”

Man Makes His Living Wearing T-Shirts

Man Makes His Living Wearing T-Shirts

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- With temperatures in the mid-80s and full sunshine, you couldn't ask for better weather for the job Jason Sadler does.

"It's beautiful t-shirt weather today," Sadler said while strolling the Jacksonville Beach pier.

But his tan isn't the only thing at work under the sun, his walk today is just part of the job.

"I literally get paid to wear t-shirts for a living," he said.

Today he's sporting a Scout and Zoe's shirt, an out-of-town business that makes all natural dog chews out of antlers.

He started this unique business from his Ponte Vedra home back in 2009 and it's paying the bills.

"Two years ago I was doing this all by myself.  Now I have five people wearing t-shirts all over the country."

Companies Giving More Holiday Parties and Perks This Year

Companies Giving More Holiday Parties and Perks This Year

The economic scrooge may be loosening its grip on holiday cheer in the office as employers indicate their intent to offer more holiday perks (bonuses, parties, gifts) than last year. The nationwide CareerBuilder survey was conducted between August 17 and September 2, 2010 and included more than 3,600 workers and more than 2,600 employers.

Stealing from Restaurants: What's Going Home with the Doggie Bags

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Next time you're eating out, take a look around. Your neighbor may be deciding what to order, or he might be deciding what to steal.

"Salt and pepper have gone missing, HP sauce, steak sauce," Aine Culhane rattled off. "Anything that's Irish really they try to take."

Aine Culhane and her three sisters own Culhane's Irish Pub in Atlantic Beach.

They've been open six years and guests have been stealing their wares for just as long.

 "The first two years we had pictures out, and then we started noticing the pictures disappearing," Culhane said, "So then we started nailing all these pictures to the boards."

There aren't any hard statistics on customer theft, according to the National Restaurant Association, which says even individual restaurants have a hard time putting a price on the losses.

Culhane estimated her restaurant probably loses several hundred dollars a year replacing stolen items.

SWAT Standoff Ends, Man Arrested in Jacksonville Beach

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A SWAT standoff at the Coquina Bay Apartments has ended. According to police, the man believed to be inside of the apartment was driving in Jacksonville Beach, and called police to turn himself in.

Around 5:15 Thursday afternoon officers responded to a domestic or aggravated burglary call at Coquina Bay Apartments.

They were met by the victim, who is 6-months pregnant.  She told them her husband assaulted her and threatened to kill her unborn child.

He kicked her out of the apartment and that's when she told police she called for help.

Officers couldn't get him to answer their megaphone calls, and said they called for SWAT because they had an indication there were firearms inside home.