Jacksonville Beach Sees Damage from Weekend Nor'easter | SLIDESHOW

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- The storm that passed through this morning knocked down trees and power lines.  It left behind many reminders of its visit, but it also took some away.
Erosion was extensive at Jacksonville Beach, with some beachgoers reporting escarpments of up to a foot and a half in places along the strand.
The storm also pushed seaweed and foam onto the shore.
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Water Spout Spotted off Mayport

MAYPORT, Fla. -- A photo snapped by Amanda Kitchen around 3:12 p.m., shows a waterspout off shore from Mayport.

With each storm cell that moves toward shore, wind shear naturally occurs when winds moving out of the storm converge with a land breeze. Mix all this with some warm water that's evaporating into the storm and there is an uplift needed to build the water spout.

Simply put, a water spout is a tornado over water. However, these are typically much weaker than a land tornado, and rarely cause damage as they usually fall apart when moving toward land.

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Business Owners, Residents Drying Out After Flooding in Jax Beach

Business Owners, Residents Drying Out After Flooding in Jax Beach

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. --  Some people are drying out in Jacksonville Beach after heavy rain poured down overnight.

"Oh, it was hectic. The water came up in about 45 minutes," said resident Jason Monac, who was at a nearby gas station today trying to suck all the water from the carpet in his car.

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Several inches of rain fell in just a short time.

"Before you know it, it was up to the bottom of the doors," said Monac.

Roads flooded and many cars stalled, making a busy night for tow truck companies.

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Jax Beach Flooding After Overnight Storms

Jax Beach Flooding After Overnight Storms


Beaches resident April Kerlew sent in these photos of the flooding in Jax Beach from the overnight storms Friday and early Saturday morning. According to Kerlew, "These were taken at 8 a.m. this [Saturday] morning 1-2 blocks South of Huguenot Park in S. Jax Beach (about 19th Ave, between 2nd and 3rd street)."

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