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Andrea snarls traffic, causes damage

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- From winds battering Jacksonville beach to heavy rain in Orange Park Tropical Storm Andrea's causing some concern.

"I'm very scared. Everybody laughs about it in Jacksonville because they always act like they're going to come towards us and they don't. And it's actually coming towards us," said Theresa Berg of Orange Park.

Berg and her step-son were filling free bags full of sand at Orange Park Fire Station.

"Because we're scared that our house is going to flood," she said.

They're filling and hauling 10 bags to be on the safe side at home

"We've got a lot of supplies. Water, canned goods, stuff like that," she said.

Andrea's also causing a mess. San Jose Boulevard was flooded near the 295 beltway, yet several people drove right through. Even a woman named Andrea.

Reporter: "I've got to ask ... how does it feel to have a storm bearing your same name?"

Andrea: "It's OK."

She told me she drove through because she had to get some essentials.

I was there as crews worked to clear the flooded street.

"It's pretty bad. The flooding around here is getting worse and worse as the hours go on," Andrea said.

Over in San Marco at Riverfront Park the weather didn't keep Garrison Harris from fishing.

"It's nature. It's gonna happen. It's nothing you can do about it," he said.


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