How Young is Too Young to Wear Thong Underwear?

I was recently in a major department store shopping for clothes for a little girl.  When passing by the underwear section, I couldn't help but notice there were thong underwear for sale.  I honestly stopped walking and took a second look to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me.  I was kind of shocked to see thong underwear being sold in the girls department for girls wearing sizes 7-14.

Am I alone in thinking that girls between 7 and 14 years old probably shouldn't be wearing thong?  I just think that's too young for thong underwear.  I know that some women wear thong for comfort or to hide underwear lines under their clothing.  I also know some women wear them strictly for sex appeal.  Either way, what age do you think is appropriate for a woman and/or a girl to start wearing thong underwear?


SWAT Standoff Ends, Man Arrested in Jacksonville Beach

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A SWAT standoff at the Coquina Bay Apartments has ended. According to police, the man believed to be inside of the apartment was driving in Jacksonville Beach, and called police to turn himself in.

Around 5:15 Thursday afternoon officers responded to a domestic or aggravated burglary call at Coquina Bay Apartments.

They were met by the victim, who is 6-months pregnant.  She told them her husband assaulted her and threatened to kill her unborn child.

He kicked her out of the apartment and that's when she told police she called for help.

Officers couldn't get him to answer their megaphone calls, and said they called for SWAT because they had an indication there were firearms inside home. 

Body Found on Beach Identified

JACKSONVILLE, BEACH, Fla. -- Police believe the woman whose body was found on the beach this morning drowned, but will continue investigating to find out for sure.

According to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, 59-year-old Kathleen Doris Sciartelli, from the East Arlington area, was found early this morning on the beach between 10th and 11th avenues south.

As the investigation is continuing, police are not releasing many details related to her death.

Update: White Powder at Jacksonville Beach Police Station was Left by Citizen

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- The Haz-Mat scare at police headquarters Monday looks to have been due to a helpful citizen at the wrong time of day.

After seeing a television report of the white powder being found at the police station, a viewer called and said he left it there.

According to Sgt. Tom Bingham with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, the person saw a vial with a white powder in it on the beach and decided to turn it in.

As it was not during normal business hours, the front door was locked.

Bingham said the man opted not to use to buzzer to find an officer, but rather slid the vial through the pass-through.

Charges against the man are not expected, and results of the lab tests of the powder have not yet been returned.

Employees noticed the container early Monday morning, leading to the Haz-Mat team securing the area and sending the powder to a state lab.

There have been no health effects reported.

USS Underwood Returns from Six Month Deployment

More than 200 Sailors stationed on board USS Underwood (FFG 36) and embarked helicopter squadron HSL 60 will return to Naval Station Mayport on Tuesday, October 5, after a six-month deployment to the Eastern Pacific in support of Counter-Illicit Trafficking Operations.

A/C Units Stolen From Several Jacksonville Beach Businesses

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla - Jacksonville Beach Police are investigating several grand thefts on Penman Road in which at least six air conditioner compressor units were stolen from businesses in the area.

A police spokesman says the police in Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach are also investigating similar thefts. First Coast News is checking into those reports.

Evidence technicians are processing the scenes in Jacksonville Beach, at a strip center in the 1400 block of Penman Road. Police say they have no suspects.

If anyone has any information about these grand thefts, please  call the  JBPD at 270-1667.

MAU Job Fair for Welders with Mechanical Skills on September 30th

A special job fair will be held on Thursday, September 30th for individuals with mechanical and welding experience for MAU job openings at the Jacksonville TTX location. The welding positions will be performing railcar maintenance and repair duties for MAU at TTX.  MAU is a human resources firm headquartered in Augusta, GA that provides custom workforce solutions.