Sea turtle nesting faces challenges | News

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Sea turtle nesting faces challenges

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - As sea turtles nest on Florida beaches, experts say they are facing some challenges from the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy and Tropical Storm Debby.

Dr. Robbin Trindell is responsible for sea turtle management at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. She says the storms altered many Florida beaches where sea turtles nest, and changes in the coastal landscape can make it difficult for sea turtles to successfully lay their eggs and produce hatchlings.

The wildlife commission reminds beachgoers that it's illegal to disturb sea turtles, their nests or hatchlings. The loggerhead is a federally threatened species, while the leatherback and green turtle are federally endangered.

Marine turtle nesting season began in March, from Brevard through Broward counties. May first marks the official start in other coastal counties.


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