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Parent says child's homework is racist

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. -- Violent, racist images in a local second grade lesson plan have sparked an investigation at Atlantic Beach Elementary.

"One of them in particular, an image of a murder scene we thought was highly inappropriate," said James Hill, an Atlantic Beach Elementary parent.

Hill said the black and white cartoon image of a lynching and a group of people watching were all part of a Black History coloring packet passed out in his son's second grade class. An education piece that he believes is teaching intolerance and generalizations.

"I'm just trying to figure out what they were thinking when they made it," said Hill.

The packet was created by, which states that the material is suitable for eighth and ninth grade students. Yet the handouts feature cartoon characters and a simple writing style.

Take for example the section on voting rights. A portion of it reads: "The 15th Amendment was passed giving black men the right to vote. White people came up with more Jim Crow laws to keep them from voting."

"White people do not like black people and I think it was interesting since there was a huge war fought, where white people died to abolish slavery."

Hill took his concerns to the principal of the school, which sparked an investigation on Tuesday.

We asked Superintendent Nikolai Vitti for an update on the investigation, but he said he couldn't comment because it was ongoing.

As for the teacher, school officials said she has not been placed on leave.

Hill wants one of two things to happen: exclude documents as a source for teachers or review the content before passing it out.


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