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JEA customers overbilled in wake of cyber attack

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- During JEA's 'Denial of Service' attack earlier this week, the utility said customers' information was never compromised. But in the wake of the cyber attack, some JEA customer discovered a problem with billing.

Ellen Willett is one of them. She usually pays her JEA bill by phone.

"I've never had a problem," she said.

During the cyber attack on the utility's network, she couldn't use the JEA's phone pay system. Willett said she followed JEA's directions and paid her bill at a Winn-Dixie Store.

"I went to Winn Dixie on Tuesday to make a payment," said Willett. "They were directing everybody to go there."

It was due and Willett said she wanted to get it paid to avoid a disconnect. Friday, she discovered that the cyber attack on the JEA cost her.

"They took out the payment three times," she said.

Her account was debited $148.81 three times, and that created its own set of problems. 

"The money that they took out is used for other bills," said Willett.

She was upset and became frustrated by the process to have her account restored.

"This is my day off. I should be enjoying myself," she said. "But I spent an hour at the bank and more time on phone calls."

Willett has asked the JEA for a full refund, and it looks like she will get it. A customer service person left a message on her phone. 

"They are going to cut me a check for $297," said Willett, "and they will look into the possibility of working with my bank."

JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce confirmed via email that 14 customers had duplicate payments.

"These transactions either timed-out on or Winn-Dixie and then were resubmitted," wrote Boyce.

"JEA is in the process of contacting the 14 customers affected and a refund check is being issued," she added.


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