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Jacksonville woman loses hospital stay but has no place to go

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jill Wheeler had problems when she had exhausted the number of days she could stay in a local hospital.

"I had used all of my Medicare/Medicaid days," she said.

Wheeler said the hospital offered to transfer her to a homeless shelter, but she decided to go to a hotel. But she said the hotel is not where she needs to be. 

"I'm so weak," said Wheeler.

Jill Wheeler, 56, is fighting for her life and would like to be in a place where she can get rehab.

"If I had a couple of weeks of rehab," said Wheeler," I could be like I was before."

The former respiratory therapist is now bound to a bed by a series of health problems.

"I can't put my legs down, I can't get in the wheelchair," she said. 

Wheeler has been diagnosed with Chronic Respiratory Failure but said she has no place to go for the care she needs; she said she has tried several nursing homes.

"They say there are no medicaid beds available,' said Wheeler.

Wheeler is now in her second day at an Extended Stay hotel, she said she used to stay with a relative but that is no longer an option.

"I'm scared to death, I'm scared to death," she said, "I don't wanna die right now, I'm sorry I don't mean to cry."

Wheeler doesn't know what to do. She has a social worker even so Wheeler says finding a place for 24/7 care has been extremely difficult.

"I'm so debilitated," she added. 

We contacted John Harrell at the Department of Children and Families. Harrell said Adult Protective Services division will assist anyone with a disability and in need of healthcare.

Wheeler made contact with the division and they were quick to respond. They will talk with Wheeler and if need be find her a place that can provide the services she need for her health condition.










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