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Neighbors fighting to stop old trees from being cut down

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. --Neighbors on Amelia Island are fighting to save dozens of old trees they believe are important to the community. For many, Amelia Island is a unique home full of trees.

"They're beautiful trees," said Anne Tillis, of Fernandina Beach. "They're the reason that many people move to the island."

Old trees like the tall Oaks along State Road A1A. 

"Not little trees!" exclaimed Lyn Pannone of Fernandina Beach. "Great. Big. Huge. Heritage Oaks."

Pannone and Tillis are leading the fight to save these trees.

"It just is tragic when we start to chop down our trees," Pannone said.

Several trees at the Flash Foods convenience store are being removed.

"I could cry!" Pannone said. "I absolutely could cry. It is heartbreaking."

A company representative who isn't authorized to speak, told me the store is being completely rebuilt to add a subway. Along with that, expanded parking.

First Coast News was told it's all being done according to ordinance.

Neighbors say many of the trees on this lot are at least 100 years old.

"It literally makes me sick to see this happening," Tillis said. "There's no reason to take down as many trees as they have."

FCN was also told that the company CEO cares about trees. Also, that some, not all trees will be removed. The prototype facility is designed around the lot and trees. The company is aware of the community concerns.

"I frankly, don't have any hopes." Pannone said. "They destroyed all the hope that I had. The hope was that we could save some trees."

The target completion date for that new Flash Foods convenience store is sometime in the next four to five months.


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