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Community involvement helps police solve possible abduction

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A reported abduction created some scary moments in Jacksonville Beach Thursday morning. While the police say the abduction was a false alarm Thursday morning, the fear was real.

"That could've been me," said Lois Baldwin, of Neptune Beach, who spends a lot of time at the Moose Lodge at the intersection where Thursday morning's incident happened. "That could've been my mother. That could've been any of us."

Andrea Pabst lives just a few doors down from the location.

"I'm going to go and get a gun, probably," she said.

Neighbors' emotions were swirling after police reported that a teenage girl was possibly abducted and forced into a car while calling for help at 8th Street and 1st Avenue.

Pete Bryant also lives nearby.

"It strikes me as very unusual for this neighborhood," he said.

It turns out, no one was hurt. Police said it was a domestic incident between a mother and daughter involving a cell phone.

But police said a witness immediately called 911, an important lead for JBPD.

Sergeant Tommy Crumley is a spokesperson for the Jacksonville Beach Police Department. "Had our witness not called, we wouldn't have known. We wouldn't have anything," he said.

But, it's how that lead got to police that authorities say is important. People seeing something and saying something.

"It's of the utmost importance for everybody to do that," Crumley said. "and be diligent in their neighborhoods." Neighborhoods which in this case, got a call from JBPD's reverse 911 system.

"Those calls go out via the automated system," Crumley explained. "Then once somebody answers the phone, they hear that script that was read to the system."

In this case, a police and community system which worked.










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