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Hotels fixing flaw in locks made by Onity

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Shawn LeNoble remembers when he heard about a possible flaw in hotel locks.

"It was just a matter of knowing what to do to take care of the problem and if it was wide spread," he said.

Le Noble, general manager of Holiday Inn Express, discovered that the security flaw involved more than one million locks, the same model that was being used in his hotel.

"We addressed it right away," he said.

A video posted on You Tube shows a similar lock being opened with what looks like a dry eraser. The locks are made by Onity. The manufacturer has shipped 1-point-four million solutions for locks to hotel properties.

"It is not just you shove a dry eraser in there and you're good to go," said LeNoble,"the marker had electronics to overcome the programming built into the lock."

LeNoble said guests coming to his Jacksonville Beach location can feel secure.

"You shouldn't expect that any guy walking off the street can just pick a lock and get into your room it is not going to happen," he said.

LeNoble said they have upgraded the locks at their expense, approximately 280 locks.

"Onity has been more than gracious working with us," said LeNoble.

The manufacturer has issued mechanical cap and security screws block physical access to the lock ports. Blocking the port is a deterrent. 

They have also upgraded the electronics in the locks, even the rooms at the Holiday Inn Express equipped with a new style lock have received a security upgrade.

"The message to our guest, for our company, is that we have taken care of it and we know that their safety is definitely a big part of them staying here," said LeNoble

Suzanne Fritz with Onity said over the next several weeks they will ensure that all hotel properties in their database receive the mechanical solutions.


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