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System error puts hold on some VyStar customers' accounts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Potentially thousands of VyStar Credit Union members may have had a problem with their accounts over the weekend. Customers may have noticed a charge hold that was not released.

"We did not do extra removals from your account, we just simply put a hold on it that lasted too long," said VyStar Credit Union President Terry West.

This happened over the weekend. If some members used their debit cards and signed a receipt, versus using their PIN, VyStar may have placed a hold on the account for that money in addition to removing the funds. The problem is related to a  system error that did not release the hold. 

"Over the weekend we put in a new software release. Unfortunately there was an error in it. Phones rang a lot today with people trying to say 'what's going on with my account?'" West said.

For the people who called, representatives manually removed the holds. 

"Then we're doing a massive correction this afternoon to take any holds that are still outstanding off," West said.

West was confident the entire problem will be corrected by Monday night.

A viewer who was not available to speak on camera called First Coast News about this story Monday.


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