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Sandy's effects on Jacksonville Beach

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Sandy may not be anywhere in sight, but she's causing rough surf and slow business in some parts of Jacksonville Beach.

"When it's cold like this and windy like this, a lot of people don't come to the beach, they stay across the ditch so we suffer from it very badly," said Rob Prett, Manager at Bukkets on Jacksonville Beach.

Chairs and tables are stacked up at Bukkets in Jacksonville Beach after manager Rob Prett says he had to shut down early Friday due to Sandy. Winds were so strong Prett took down the fence around his patio as a precaution. But that's not all Sandy's damaged - The Jacksonville Pier suffered some pop ups due to waves going higher than 10-feet breaking under the pier mixed with wind gusts going over 40 mph.

"We've got panels that are missing, one is down on 16 South, one is all the way down almost by Mickler's landing. So they are very large panels," said Vera Bryant, a manager at the Jacksonville Beach  Pier. "They weigh approximately 200 to 300 pounds a piece."

The Pier closed early Saturday and the beach remains closed for swimmers through Sunday. Beach Patrol pulled a few people out of the water, but even though most people got the message not to get in, there are plenty of spectators.

"We're not afraid, this is just fun," says Chris Davis, a Jacksonville resident.

Not fun for our northern neighbors expecting to face the wrath of Sandy. Earlier Saturday a Jacksonville resident tweeted that several local Haskell employees including her husband are working on a site in Baltimore, Maryland and are hoping Sandy changes its path. A live-cam shows the site under construction, but no word on whether that crew is making any preparations for the storm.

As the threat moves further away from Florida and Georgia-Florida fans wrap up their festivities, one Jax beach bar expects to see a much better side of Sandy.

"Florida's been through some hurricanes so I mean it takes a lot to scare these people," said Alex Mastrobattisto, lead bartender at The Pier on Jacksonville Beach.

Nightside bars are saying that Georgia-Florida has been the boost for clientele this weekend. Just last night alone, The Pier had about 1200 customers in three hours, they definitely attribute that business to the game despite Sandy's effect on the weather.



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