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2013 Guinness record book features Jax Beach surfer

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Jacksonville Beach's Kurtis Loftus broke the "Longest Surf Session" Guinness World Records book back in October. 

But he finally has the proof, the actual book that he can show off to folks who may not believe his feat.

"Being in the book really is surreal. It makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger," Loftus said from his office in Jacksonville Beach.

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Loftus says he set out to break the record, previously 26.1 hours and 171 waves, to promote and raise money for the 26.2 With Donna marathon.

"And I saw that the record was 26.1 hours and thought 'well, 26.2 is a marathon. We can make this a surfing marathon,'" he said.

He said it was a thought that came to him while getting a hair cut at his barbershop.

Loftus, who chuckles when he sees the Guinness book and made sure to note that he's 50 years old, said he never had the dream to be in the book.

He ended up shattering the previous record by surfing 29.1 hours and catching 313 waves. He says Guinness allowed him five-minute breaks each hour, which he says he took in three-hour increments.

"I'd come to the beach after a three-hour session and get to rest and recover for 15 minutes."

But says it was all to help out Donna's marathon to end breast cancer.

"The experience with 26.2 with Donna, you realize there's a message to let the fear go," he said.

Loftus says he doesn't have any plans to go out and break his own world record. 

But does say he's ready to defend if another surfer does. 

"I've got a Google Alert set to that, so if someone tries and it's in the news, I'm ready to go."


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