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Pit bull who attacked puppy at beach seized

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- The pit bull that attacked a puppy earlier this week in Jacksonville Beach has been found.

Sgt. Tom Bingham, Public Information Officer with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, said help from citizens, neighbors and a lot of hard work from many officers helped them track down the owner.

Stephen Heindel of Jacksonville Beach was contacted by police Wednesday night.

Photos of pit bull that attacked puppy

Bingham said he is cooperating and not facing any criminal charges.  He surrendered the dog, which will now be held at a Jacksonville Beach facility until a special magistrate completes a hearing.  Bingham said the police department will recommend the dog be declared a "dangerous dog" per the city's ordinance.

Bingham says there is no criminal provision in the law that permits a owner to be charged.  

Heindel told investigators his dog was responsible for the attack, adding his pit bull was leashed but that she pulled the anchor out of the sand and chased the puppy. 

The seized pit bull allegedly attacked a puppy at Jacksonville Beach Sunday.

The puppy, Woofi, and its owner, 7-year-old Delanie Rose Folson, were at the beach Sunday when the attack happened.

As a result of the attack, Woofi had to have his left front leg amputated. After the surgeries and emergency treatment, Woofi racked up a $1,500 veterinarian bill.

Thanks to response from the community the Folsons now have more money than the vet bill. Sheila Folson, Delanie Rose's mom, said, "There are a lot of good people out there in the community."

The family decided now that the bill has been paid and Woofi is back home resting, the family is going to set up a fund to help other pet owners who face unexpected expenses due to incidents similar to the one that injured Woofi.

The Animal Clinic of Hodges that treated Woofi is handling the fund, with donations going into an account to help people in similar situations with their pets.

Shelia Folson says she thinks in cases like this, the owner of a dog involved in an attack should at the very least be fined. She agrees with police in their recommendation the pit bull is dangerous.


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