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Puppy attacked by pit bull during Sunday beach outing

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- A Sunday beach outing for the Folson family turned out to be nightmare as their little puppy called "Woofi" was mangled by a pit bull.

"I bet he is ready to come home," said Sheila Folson from her Westside home knowing that "Woofi" is recovering from his injuries at local animal hospital.

The dog did lose its right front leg from the attack, but otherwise is do well.

"He was really bad, not sure able to make it or not," said Dr. Kiran Kantimahanthi who handled the emergency surgery.

Daleni Rose Folson was walking her puppy with a leash when a pit bull also at the beach, not a on leash, went after the puppy.

"She (Delani) is walking to the water, here comes this dog. He just snatched up our puppy like it is a little rag doll," said Folson who is relieved that her daughter was not attacked.

Delani Folson just wants her friend back, but a $1,500 bill for surgery stands in the way of that happening right away.

"We need some help so we can bring our puppy home," said Delani's mother as she went on Facebook to reach family and friends for help.

Delani says she cannot wait until she is reunited with "Woofi."  Sunday night she said was rough being without her pet puppy.

"I also had a couple of nightmares," said the little girl following the attack.

Jacksonville Beach police do have good leads on who owned the pit bull, as a witness followed the men home who fled from the beach with the pit bull.

The investigation continues, according to police.

If anyone would like to assist the family, they can contact Sheila at sheilabigl@yahoo.com.  


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