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First Coast man battles rare bacterial infection

JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- A First Coast man remains in critical care as he fights a rare bacterial infection.

"It sounds like something that's not real," said Arlene Hansen, whose son is a friend of Steven Walker's.

At last check, Walker, 28, was at Baptist Beaches Hospital battling a bacteria called capnocytophaga, according to his sister's blog.

In the fundraising blog on, Lindsey Gilbert said Walker has been in critical care since April 15th.

"It's progressed to where he's actually had to lose both of his legs from the knee down," Hansen said. Today they had... hand surgery to have it amputated," Hansen said Thursday.

Hansen went with her son to visit his friend Wednesday.

"I heard my son come out of the room devastated," Hansen said. "[Walker's] face was disfigured; they had to cut some of his face away."

Hansen also spoke with Walker's mother, commending her strength.

"She's done some volunteer work in Jamaica, some mission work, and her son as well went over there with his mom," Hansen explained. "They've helped construct schools and homes."

Friends, family and strangers opened their hearts in the form of donations for Walker, who does not have medical insurance, according to Gilbert's post.

Together, they've raised over $15,000 dollars.

"I believe they don't even have insurance," Hansen said. "And if this young man makes it, he's going to need plastic surgery... he's gonna need prosthetics, he's going to need a home, that's wheelchair accessible... you know and most of all he's going to need a will to live."


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