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Businesses at the Beach Brace for Storm

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Businesses in Jacksonville Beach are preparing for the wind and the rain this weekend, and hoping it won't be too bad.

Just three weeks ago, most of 3rd Street flooded during a storm, leaving businesses and homes with water on the floor.
But inside Mambo's Restaurant, they're more interested in cooking up a storm than the one that's brewing outside, though they are ready for it, if it comes.

"We already have flood insurance, so everything's covered on that end. We have some portable bags, for the future," said owner Raul Arias.

He doesn't want to relive what happened to his restaurant after the last storm.
"About 90% of the restaurant was flooded, including the kitchen," he said.
They were able to clean most of it up the next morning, and you would never have known the difference Friday night. The restaurant was at maximum capacity, despite the bad weather outside.

People out at the beach were actually enjoying the first signs of the storm.

"I love the lightening. I love the rain. I love it all," one beachgoer said.
"When the waves came up I had to run away," said another.
Even though they're armed with raincoats, umbrellas, and sandbags for the businesses, there's still nothing anyone can do to stop the storm, so they might as well dance in the rain.

"There's not much we can do, the way 3rd street is designed, it's inevitable," said Arias.



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