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Jax Beach Cancels 4th of July Fireworks Display

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- After thousands of people crowded on to Jacksonville Beach to watch the fireworks this 4th of July,  some people in the city thought the celebration got out of control.

The Police Department and City Council agreed, and have now cancelled the fireworks display for 2012.

But not everyone is happy about the decision.

"All the colors, they had the American flag and the smiley faces in the air, it's just a good time, and all around good time," said Lisa Lyons.

She makes a point to watch the fireworks display, and thinks Jax Beach is the perfect setting.

"Where would we be if the fireworks were going off here? Where would we be? We would be right here," she said.

Lyons thinks the crowds and the fights are par for the course whenever you get a big group of people out celebrating.

"You're going to have that anywhere you go. you just try to keep that to a minimum and keep patrol on site," she said.

Jacksonville Beach Police Officer Sgt Bingham estimates between 75,000 to 100,000 people come to the show every year, and the event has gotten out of control.

"It builds all day. People come in and they don't leave, and then after the fireworks are over, all those people are leaving at once," he said.

He says there have been no major incidents at the show, but Jacksonville Beach Mayor Fland Sharp can't help but wonder: what if?

"If it had, they wouldn't have been able to control it. And when your police department brings you that message, you have to respond to that," said Sharp.

The Mayor attends the show every year, and while he's sad to see it go, he doesn't think the city will take a hit by canceling the fireworks.

"There will be people down here on the 4th of July no matter what. All the restaurants will be full, all the bars will be full, there won't be any parking places anywhere," he said.

The city decided not to put funding for the fireworks in their final budget that was passed in August.

The City of Jacksonville's fireworks display at the Jacksonville Landing is still on schedule. 









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