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Parking fixes floated for delays at Beaches Town Center

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. -- Parking at the beaches can be challenging at times, and most of the time at the Beaches Town Center parking is a topic of conversation.

The center is located where Atlantic Boulevard meets the Atlantic Ocean and borders both Neptune and Atlantic Beach.

"There is too much valet parking and too much restricted parking," said Neptune Beach Mayor Harriet Pruette on the common complaints she hears from residents.

Businesses deal with the same questions and frustration, says Joanne Adams, who operates the First Street Gallery.

"Valet parking doesn't really work because we close at [6 p.m.] and it starts at [4 p.m.]," said Adams who noted customers always ask about parking and where to park so they don't get towed.

A consultant working with merchants is suggesting a daytime solution might be two-hour street parking, which would help churn parking spots and ease frustration.

The Neptune Beach City Commission is being providing a study to fuel workshop discussion and possibly a test run later this year to see if that idea works.

Pruette says she is willing to entertain any and all ideas, but does have concerns about two-hour parking that would have signs spelling out the parking rules.

"We would have to enforce it and I don't know who's going to enforce it. Who has the time to enforce it? So there's a lot of questions, "said Pruette.


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