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Caught on Camera: UPS delivery man tossing package over fence

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fl -- Neptune Beach computer technician William Kirchhofer recorded a UPS delivery on his security camera that has left him flabbergasted.

"I was just completely blown away as to how lazy it was he could have just open the gate and set it in there," said Kirchhofer.

The video shows the delivery person took the big brown box and dropped it over the six foot fence. Kirchhofer said on average they receive four packages a week at his Neptune Beach Address, this one was for his roommate.

"I'm really surprise that someone would blatantly disregard someone stuff like that," he said.

Inside the box a Wi-Fi digital bathroom scale, valued at $125-$150. The box was damaged, the scale was not. Even so did the UPS delivery man really need to throw the box over the fence?

The irony is there's a sign at the gate, which it appears the delivery man was reading, that says ring the bell if no one answers don't leave items outside; if no answer put items inside the unlocked gate.

Terry Wilkins is the owner of a UPS store. "It is not something that you like to see," said Wilkins.

Wilkins said he has seen the videos before and every time a bad delivery is caught on camera it gives the business a black eye.

"You never do anything to harm a package,take a chance or breaking a package or throw anything over the fence that would break a package," said Wilkins.

Kirchhofer loaded the video on his Facebook page and it has generated a number of comments.

"It is unacceptable, completely unacceptable, no excuse," said Kirchhofer.

Dan Cardillo, a spokesperson for UPS, said:

"UPS does not tolerate improper package handling. We train our drivers to deliver packages in a safe and secure manner. UPS is taking corrective action with our driver to ensure this behavior is not repeated. We have also reached out to the customer to apologize and remediate the issue with him."


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