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Inspector condemns beach house, labels it unsafe structure

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. -- A day after eight people were injured when a second story balcony collapsed, the rest of the decks and balconies on the property were deemed structurally unsafe.

A property inspector was at the multi-family home on the 2000 block of 1st Street early Friday morning investigating the property.

As a result of the inspection, the home has been condemned as unsafe for living and the tenants have been given 48 hours to vacate the property.

Charles Blackwell is a resident in the home who now must find another place to live.

When asked if owner Ernest Russell knew about the condition of the balcony, he said, "I'm sure we all brought it to his attention."

The other decks attached to the building along Margaret Street could also be a problem, according to Neptune Beach Police Chief David Sembach.

Sembach said code
enforcement found problems with balconies in place to condemn the entire home.

"The decks were redone but the supports were not
and he's found rotten wood, like I said improper wood, being used there,"
said Sembach.

Anywhere from 20 to 50 people may have been on the balcony at the time,
Sembach said, but they don't know for sure because many people left the scene before police arrived.


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