Armed Robbery Suspect Caught after Taking Wrong Car

JACKSONVILLE, BEACH, Fla. -- An armed robbery suspect was arrested in part because of what police said they believe he took to commit his crime.

According to the arrest report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, at about 2:45 a.m. Wednesday, someone walked into the Kangaroo station at Beach Boulevard and 10th Street demanding cash.

The employees told police the suspect had a hand in the pocket of his hoodie, making it appear he was armed.

The suspect reportedly told them to not "be a hero," because he was only after cash.

As he left the store, one of the employees followed him and watched him get into a white vehicle that was parked behind the store.

Just after noon the same day, police spoke with a woman who said she was the suspect's girlfriend.

She told an officer that her boyfriend, 33-year-old Ryan Douglas Harrover, told her he had robbed a gas station, and that he had used her daughter's car to get to and from the scene.

More Auto Shop Owners Recognize Suspected Thieves

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- After First Coast News showed surveillance video of three suspected thieves targeting Reinhart Automotive, other shop owners have come forward and said the group also targeted them.

"My phone was lit up all day long," Dennis Reinhart said.

His competition, other owners, called to compare stories of their encounters with the group suspected of stealing checks from small business owners.  Reinhart said the stories he heard were "the exact same scenario" he'd experienced.

We called 15 auto repair shops.  All the owners said they'd had run-ins with this trio in their own shops.

Suspect Uses Stolen Credit Card 22 Times in 30 Minutes in 1 Store

Suspect Uses Stolen Credit Card 22 Times in 30 Minutes in 1 Store

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- It took a man with a stolen credit card half an hour to rack up nearly $2,400 in purchases at a convenience store.

Neptune Beach Man Struggling Without Stolen Wheelchair

Neptune Beach Man Struggling Without Stolen Wheelchair

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. -- A Neptune Beach family can't believe someone stole their wheelchair.  They are not 100% positive where their car was when someone stole the wheelchair out of it, but they believe it was in front of their Neptune Beach townhome on Bowles Street.

It's a struggle for Jimmy Messinese just to get off his couch.  That's why he has to rely so much on a wheelchair.  "I've been in bed for almost two years," he said.

So, when Messinese and his wife of 53 years Sylvia, went outside to their car Sunday, they could not believe what they did not see inside their car:  his wheelchair.  "I was perturbed, I was mad as I could be," he said.

Join the 28th Session of the Jacksonville Beach Citizen Police Academy

Join the 28th Session of the Jacksonville Beach Citizen Police Academy


Join Session XXVIII of the Citizen Police Academy to find answers to common questions about law enforcement:

·         Do police officers have quotas for traffic tickets?

·         Can I drive one mile over the posted speed limit for every minute I’m late for my doctor’s appointment?

·         Do cops really eat lots of donuts??

Jacksonville Beach Shooting Death Suspects in Custody

New details have emerged in a Jacksonville Beach shooting that left one man dead.

Joshua Register was found fatally shot in a parking lot in Jacksonville Beach on Oct. 28. According to new information from Jacksonville Beach Police Sgt. Thomas Bingham, the apparent motive for the killing was robbery.

After the shooting, 18-year-old William Brown, fled to California where he was apprehended, said a statement from Bingham. Brown has been charged with homicide. Two other suspects were identified as 27-year-old Adam Holleran and 27-year-old Matthew Weber; both were located in Neptune Beach. Holleran is charged with armed robbery and Webber is charged with armed robbery and accessory after the fact, the statement said.

Register was found near a dumpster in the Oceans Edge condo community located on 25th Avenue South. The area is not known for violent crimes; it is off busy Third Street and one block from the ocean.

How Common is Crime Where You Live: Part 1 & 2

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- You may live in a pretty popular area of town, but that doesn't mean you and your family are protected from crime.

In part-2 of Joy Purdy's special report, she took a closer look at some of the most popular places to live in Jacksonville, and the number of times you and your neighbors have called police this year (January - October, 2011) to report crimes in your community.

She examined specific types of common crimes: Home burglaries, robberies (to homes and individuals), car burglaries, and criminal mischief.

You can also crunch the numbers yourself.

Through the links below, check out the number of calls residents made about any type of crime this year to the sheriff's offices in Jacksonville, St. Johns County, Clay County, and The Orange Park Police Department.

Match the area (police zone) from which a particular crime was called into police, to the related sheriff's office zone map.