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Man Makes His Living Wearing T-Shirts
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Man Makes His Living Wearing T-Shirts

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- With temperatures in the mid-80s and full sunshine, you couldn't ask for better weather for the job Jason Sadler does.

"It's beautiful t-shirt weather today," Sadler said while strolling the Jacksonville Beach pier.

But his tan isn't the only thing at work under the sun, his walk today is just part of the job.

"I literally get paid to wear t-shirts for a living," he said.

Today he's sporting a Scout and Zoe's shirt, an out-of-town business that makes all natural dog chews out of antlers.

He started this unique business from his Ponte Vedra home back in 2009 and it's paying the bills.

"Two years ago I was doing this all by myself.  Now I have five people wearing t-shirts all over the country."

Businesses send him their shirts, but he does much more than just walk around in them. It's an entire Internet experience with a live daily webshow, YouTube videos, and more than 30,000 Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

"It's kind of a look at my everyday life with some fun mixed in with some content for these companies," he said.

He emphasizes interaction with the customer through live webchats. He says it's a way of doing business similar to 20 or 30 years ago.

"It used to be business owners knew all their customers by name, and this is a way of doing that on a much larger scale."

So, if you ever thought social media was a waste of time, or just something to mess around with while you're bored, just look to Sadler, who has found a way to cash in on it.

His upper body is booked until July. And there are only 120 days left this year to buy a spot for your shirt.

And the price for the next available day, July 10: $955.

And companies are paying that for all the Internet eyeballs that are finding their way to his Website. 

Click here for to check out Sadler's website.

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