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Man receives false toll tickets

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. -- Reverend Benjamin Wait has no patience for red light runners.

"I get frustrated with people who run stop signs and lights that kind of thing," he said. 

And now he has developed little tolerance for the bureaucracy that operates the Miami Dade Expressway.

"They're always very nice and they waive the charges, they say and erase the records," said Wait. "And I think it is resolved and the following month I get another one."

Wait rides a Harley Davidson Trike, since May 2012 he has received traffic violations from the Miami Dade Expressway authority. Wait said the problem is he was never in the area when the violations occured.

"I haven't been near Miami with this trike," he said, "they were for times when I was out of the country or at restaurants here."

The motorcycle in the picture, which comes with the citation, is not a trike and the numbers on the tag does not match his. Wait said there's another distinguishing difference.

"Most Harley riders don't wear backpacks which is what this person had," he said.

Wait has yet to pay any of the citations. They range from $2 to $158, but he's concerned that if it isn't corrected, it may lead to suspension of his drivers license.

"It seems to me that's a possibility," he said.

Frustrated, he wrote Governor Rick Scott  and the MDX Authority one more time.

The agency reassured Wait, by phone, it will be resolved, but he said he's heard that before.

"Who knows if it is over until the next time I get one," he said.  

Mr. Wait received a letter from the governor's office saying his complaint has been turned over to the inspector general's office.

Miami Dade Authority spokesperson Mario Diaz said the case has been resolved. Diaz said the problem was a mistype of the license plate numbers.

However, if the plate was correct and the vehicle belonged to someone else, Diaz said Wait would have been required to send a signed affidavit saying so.

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