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World Book & Rose Day at The BookMark

The BookMark will celebrate its 15th annual “World Book & Rose Day” on Saturday, April 23.  Anyone who buys a book gets a complimentary rose.   

World Book & Rose Day is a Catalonian holiday, also known as St. George’s Day and is celebrated every year on April 23.  This special day commemorates St. George’s slaying of a dragon to save the woman he loved.  The blood is said to have sprouted roses.  On this day, Catalonians give someone they love a book and a rose.  The book symbolizes culture and permanence, while the rose symbolizes nature and ephemerality.

April 23 is also the official date of Shakespeare’s birth and the date of Cervantes’ death.  

The BookMark invites you to celebrate World Book & Rose Day.  Come buy someone you love a book on Saturday, April 23 and a get a rose from us.

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