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3rd Kosher Food Festival at the Ribault Garden Club
3rd Kosher Food Festival at the Ribault Garden Club

Lukshen, rugelach, challah and gefilta. It may seem like a person needs a foreign language dictionary just to have a Jewish culinary experience. For example, hamentashen is neither a mixture of hamburger nor mashed potatoes as it might sound in English. Instead, it's a Jewish cookie similar to a shortbread that is shaped like a triangle and filled with delectable delights like jam or dates.
Residents of the Jacksonville Beaches are invited to leave the dictionaries behind and simply enjoy rugelach and many other Jewish delicacies at Chabad @ the Beaches Third  Kosher Food Festival. The Festival will take place on Sunday, November 13th from 12:30-3:00 at the Ribault Garden Club 705 2nd Avenue North, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250.

Kosherfest 2011 will be the community’s 3rd  Kosher Food Festival. Included in this extraordinary event will be an array of kosher foods, including  the traditional favorites: knishes, latkes, matzah ball soup and deli sandwiches. All those in attendance are sure to have  “a delectable and fun experience.” The event is open to the public and there is a $1 cost for admission --free with registration on www.KosherFoodFest.com.  (There is a charge for food.)

Kosherfest 2011 will take place on Sunday, November 13th, 2011 from 12:30- 3:00 at the Ribault Garden Club 705 2nd Avenue North, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250. The KosherFest is an excellent cost efficient way to share your business with the Jewish community via a modest sponsorship (please call the business office to secure your spot); This event is not to be missed!

Cooking has already begun:

Stella Bryskin stands before a mountain of dough that she will eventually sculpt into hundreds of challah breads (egg loaf)  one at a time, braided by hand and baked to golden perfection.

"Traditionally, we roll and braid the egg dough by hand just as they have done for many centuries.  A bread of tradition which is at every Sabbath table and starts the ceremony of the Sabbath meal. Bryskin  volunteered to braid and bake the challah for the upcoming open-to-the-community Kosher Food Festival.

Sponsored by Chabad at the Beaches, a Jewish educational, cultural center and synagogue based in Ponte Vedra Beach, the festival aims to help Jewish people from around the Beaches get excited about the upcoming Chanukah holiday, create “kosher awareness”  as well as offer fresh ethnic foods to people of all faiths.

The types of foods to be offered at the festival are the kind you'd easily have  found on New York City's Lower East Side, said Leah Kurinsky, Co-Director of Chabad @ the Beaches’ Aaron and Blanche Scharf Chabad Center.

"We're volunteering for fun," Stella said. She and other volunteers will bake over 200  Challah bread loaves in the Chabad's kitchen. "We could have made these at home, but made here they will really be kosher".

The Chabad kitchen is considered kosher (literally Fit to Eat) because it meets certain strict standards over 33 centuries old. Jewish people follow guidelines as ordained by G-d in the Torah (Jewish Bible) to determine which foods are kosher and which are not.

Whole fruits and vegetables from grocery stores, such as potatoes and onions, are “automatically kosher," Leah Kurinsky said. "It's different when you talk about processed foods," and various types of meat. Some animals such as cows, chickens and ducks may be eaten.
Others, including pigs, lobsters and crabs, may not. Animals that are permitted for consumption must be slaughtered in a humane way that doesn't cause them any suffering.

Jewish food from the Middle East, such as falafel and  pita - will be prepared by a Morrocan Chef whose delectable dishes have often sold out to happy customers, Leah Kurinsky said. The food festival will also offer New York deli sandwiches and noodle kugel, a sweet noodle casserole.

It will also include music and face painting for children. Admission is free with advance registration at www.KosherFoodFest.com. Food prices will range from $2.50 for a plate of latkes and apple sauce to $3 for matza ball soup and $6.50 for a falafel meal. This will be the third food
festival for Chabad, which held its first in November 2005, when several hundred people came out in pouring rain, Leah Kurinsky said.

This time they decided to hold the food festival before Chanukah. "The Kosher Food Festival is a great opportunity to bring the community together." The festival at Chabad @ the Beaches is not only a food festival, but it is a celebration of the Jewish heritage. "This is a folk art event," said Dr. Pam Ervanian who is another volunteer for the event. "It's a cultural and educational event."

Past year’s events were held at smaller venues and saw record crowds. “The last event was the largest Jewish event in the Beaches history” said Mrs. Leah Kurinsky, the event coordinator.”This year we found a venue large enough to hold a significant crowd.  The menu has also been vastly expanded this year.

Members of the community began planning and coordinating the event months ago. The food booths will be divided between Deli and Main Dishes, Desserts and Jewish Soul Foods. Table seating will be in a central area at the Ribault Garden Club 705 2nd Avenue North in  Jacksonville Beach  where the entertainment will also take place.

The event will offer a free raffle as well as all kinds of surprises and entertainment. A free admission ticket will be offered to all those reserving in advance.  All children will receive free door prizes.

Information about this or any other Chabad @ the Beaches event is available by calling our office at 904-543-9301 or visiting our website www.KosherFoodFest.com. and or www.ChabadBeaches.com.

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