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FairDistrictsFlorida Responds to AARP Endorsement

The AARP Florida today announced their endorsement of Amendments 5 and 6, adding one of the most wide-reaching and impactful organizations in the State to the list of supporters of the FairDistricts Amendments. AARP Florida will help educate its nearly 3 million members and 96 chapters across the state that a YES vote on Amendments 5 and 6 will create rules to stop politicians from drawing districts to favor themselves or their political allies. These FairDistricts amendments will require the Tallahassee politicians to make sure they protect voters’ interests rather than their own when they redraw Congressional and legislative districts in 2012 and every ten years thereafter.

“AARP has a tremendous and diverse membership and is immensely respected by senior Floridians. We are thrilled and gratified to have the support of this great organization in our fight for fair redistricting. The AARP has worked for redistricting reform across the country because it recognizes that ensuring equitable treatment of senior citizens begins with fairly drawn districts,” said FairDistrictsFlorida.org Campaign Chair Ellen Freidin. “With the assistance of this great organization, we will be able to better inform voters that Amendments 5 and 6 will stop politicians from rigging districts for their own political gain and will allow voters a real chance to select their representatives.”

Florida legislators are tasked with redrawing district lines every 10 years, after the US Census. Under the current system, they do so with no restrictions to stop them from drawing districts to create safe seats for themselves and safeguard the power of the political party in control. As a result, Florida has districts the divide communities, stretch for more than 100 miles, and connect areas that have little in common—all so politicians can ensure their own elections.

Understanding how government can be improved with Amendments 5 and 6, AARP Florida joins the League of Women Voters of Florida, Democracia Ahora, NAACP Florida, and dozens of other organizations working towards passage of the amendments.

With voter approval on November 2, Amendments 5 and 6 will establish constitutional rules that will:

• Prohibit politicians from designing districts to favor themselves or their parties;
• Require them to make the districts compact and community based; and
• Make it impossible for legislators to draw districts to diminish the ability of minority voters to elect representatives.

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